Jameela Jamil Is Calling For Rejection To Be Destigmatised

Jameela Jamil has spoken out about the constant danger women face for "daring to govern their own vaginas".

The Good Place actor told her Twitter followers about a recent situation in which a man approached her, attempting to give her his phone number.

"I explain that I have a boyfriend but thank him for the offer," she wrote, adding that the situation quickly turned sour.

"Man then threatens my career, saying I better remember that I rejected him. And then shouts at me that I'm low class," she wrote.

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Jamil's story was recognised as a painfully familiar one to women who then began recounting similar situations where they felt unsafe after rejecting a man's advances.

Women described lying about fake boyfriends and even creating real Google Voice numbers to hand out in order to protect their safety and avoid verbally and physically abusive situations.

"This is a universal experience for women and it sucks," wrote Twitter user @doevember.

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After reading the steady flow of replies, Jamil added that she was once punched in the face as a teenager after saying 'no' to a man without providing an excuse.

"After that whether I have a boyfriend or not, I say I do," she explained. "Being a woman is truly, constantly scary," she added. "It's like existing on thin ice".

Jamil went on to call for improved education about rejection and consent -- starting with young children.

"We need to de stigmatize it, so that it doesn’t feel like the ground is swallowing you up when someone says no, however nicely," she said. "This would lessen their need to lash out."

Jamil then pointed her followers in the direction of Jimanekia Eborn -- a sex educator and trauma specialist who teaches classes on consent and rejection.

"We need to amplify voices like hers, and learn from her," urged Jamil.

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