SeaChange Star's Fight For His Life

Tom Long graced our screens for years in iconic roles, but in recent years the actor has been battling for his life.

Known for his roles in SeaChangeThe Dish and Two Hands, Long hasn't acted in seven years.

In 2012 Long was at the Sydney Opera House performing in the play Coranderrk: We Will Show The Country when he collapsed onstage.

Soon after he collapsed, Long was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer which he was told was terminal.

Peter Carrette Archive Collection
Tom Long at the 2001 Inside Film Awards. Image: Peter Carrette Archive/Getty Images.

"I looked up Google and they said two to three years," Long told Lisa Wilkinson on The Project about his life expectancy. That Google search occurred almost seven years ago.

During that time, the 50-year-old has undergone a series of treatments like chemotherapy and bone marrow transplants and is hopeful that he can be part of a trial therapy that could be revolutionary in the fight against Myeloma.

Still, the actor said he has to be realistic. When Wilkinson asked if he was nervous about potentially being one of just 18 participants in the trial Long said, "My chances elsewhere are not that good... I don't really have a choice."

SeaChange Star's Fight For His Life
Despite doctors telling him he only had months to live, Tom hopes to be a participant in a revolutionary trial. Image: Network 10.

"I’m very aware that I can be taken anytime but I still, it's the hope I think, I go for hope."

The therapy will harvest Long's own T-Cells and genetically modify them to kill cancerous cells. If successful, the treatment would take under two weeks, the modified cells fighting his cancer immediately.

Still, Long knows that nothing is guaranteed and when faced with such a difficult hand, Long decided not to let chances pass him by. When a doctor called to tell him he had only three months to a year left to live he decided to pursue love.

SeaChange Star's Fight For His Life
Tom and his wife Bec married just days after he left intensive care. Image: Network 10.

Last month, just days after leaving intensive care, Long got married in Victoria.

"I just take it as it comes and appreciate how beautiful people are," Long told Wilkinson, "what I've got, how beautiful everything is because it can be taken away like that."

Featured image: Network 10.