Adele And Jennifer Lawrence Partied In An NYC Gay Bar, And Where Was Our Invite?

If you have ever wanted to see Adele get tackled by Jennifer Lawrence in a gay bar... now is your time.

Yep, J-Law and A-dele decided this weekend they were going to head to Pieces, a gay bar in New York.

The pair were obviously snapped and papped multiple times -- which would be standard if two A-listers showed up at any location, but these two also didn't look like they planned to keep their heads low.

In fact, Adele got up onstage -- though not to perform. When the drag queen host of the evening, Brita Filter, asked her if she was "ready to mingle and have a great time with the gays", the Hello singer simply responded: "F**king obviously".

The fun didn't stop there, with Adele partaking in a game of "musical shots", dancing around a table of three shots with another icon (Kylie) playing in the background.

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Unfortunately, the 15-time Grammy Award winner had to deal with something she's probably not used to. Losing.

That's when Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence launched herself onto her friend screaming, "HOW COULD YOU LOSE?!"

A few reports indicate that when onstage, Adele also cried out about Jennifer's engagement to Cooke Maroney, which happened in early Feb. Was this an impromptu bachelorette party? Whatever it was, it was wild.

And while the antics of the pair make for incredible viewing, nothing is more amazing than all the star-struck folks who thought they'd just be having a regular ol' night out.

The lesson here is clear: never say no to a good night out.

C'mon legends!

Fingers crossed we run into Gabriella Cilmi and Vanessa Amorosi at Stonewall next weekend.