Bryan Adams Calls Performing After Christchurch Terror Attacks 'Hardest Gig'

Studio 10's own Denise Scott caught up with the "Shine A Light" singer about collaborating with Ed Sheeran and being in New Zealand during the horrific terror attacks.

Being handed a knitted koala, Bryan decided to call the stuffed toy "Ed", but surprisingly, not after another famous Ed he recently worked with.

Recently, Bryan approached singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran to help him with the writing of his ,single "Shine A Light".

Explaining that he and Ed were performing in Dublin over the same weekend, Bryan exchanged emails with the "Shape of You" singer and they kept in contact.

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"I already had an idea for the song," Bryan told Denise, "I wanted to finish the idea and I thought I'd like to see where Ed took it so I sent him the idea."

The pair worked on the song via email until "Shine A Light" was finished. While Bryan said the song could be interpreted "many ways", the song originally began as a tribute for his parents who were both admitted to hospital at the same time.

Bryan was also in New Zealand at the time of the horrific Christchurch terror attacks and was scheduled to perform there just days after. The concert was cancelled and Bryan's next performance was in Nelson which he said was one of the hardest gigs ever.

"It was really tough... the mood everywhere was just horrible. Complete shock," he said, "and then that night having to go up and sing for 10,000 people and we all knew we all felt the same."

"It was just coming up with the right words to say cause it's not like you can't address it," Bryan continued, "basically I said I dedicated the show and I shine a light to the victims and if by magic the entire field just filled up with lights from phones.

"It was beautiful."

Despite continuing his tour following the attacks, Bryan said he would like to go back to Christchurch at some point in the future to perform for the city.

"I think music has this incredible power to bring people together... it's healing."

Featured image: Getty Images.