Nicolette Sheridan Slams 'Desperate Housewives' Co-Star Felicity Huffman Over 'Disgraceful' College Scandal

Following the revelation that Felicity Huffman was allegedly involved in a massive college admissions scandal, Nicolette Sheridan has spoken out against her former 'Desperate Housewives' co-star.

Speaking on Access Live on Monday, Sheridan didn't mince words about her former castmate and the scandal she's currently embroiled in, calling it “disgraceful.”

"We don’t know the facts,” she diplomatically told the host, Kit Hoover.

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"We can be extremely disturbed by the entitlement, the power, and money that can take away from less privileged [people]. And that to me is disgraceful.”

“I think there are ways to remedy a system that isn’t working, and I think has been broken for a long time,” said Sheridan.

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Asking if the stars of Desperate Housewives cast had discussed the scandal that's rocked Hollywood, Sheridan laughed, saying, “Oh, you’re just looking for gossip, aren’t you!”

"I think everybody should be talking about it. It’s a huge problem," she added.

Actresses Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman were among 50 people indicted on Tuesday in a widespread bribery scandal.

Parents charged in the alleged scheme are accused of paying an admissions consultant, William Singer, a total of $25 million (AUD $35 million) between 2011 and February 2019 for the arrangement. Boston US Attorney Andrew Lelling said at a press conference on Tuesday that Singer used some of that money to bribe test administrators and college coaches.

Both Huffman and Loughlin were arrested and later released on bond, and are charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services fraud.

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