Danny DeVito Reckons The Trashman Would Crush The Rock

Rock, Paper, Trashman.

In a new interview with People Now, Danny spoke about his "wrestling experience", and declared his Always Sunny wrestling alter-ego The Trashman as the winner of a hypothetical fight between himself and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

In case you don't recall, Frank Reynolds created the Trashman wrestling persona for the episode 'The Gang Wrestles For The Troops', and his schtick is to "come out... throw trash all over the ring, and then ... start eating garbage".

Asked to consider the fight between The Rock and The Trashman, Danny mused: "How would that match up? I would kick his ass."

"Would you?" asked the interviewer.

"Oh, man. I'd wipe him up," Danny deadpanned. "I'd wipe the floor with him. He's a pushover, Dwayne."

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Describing his time on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia as "a resurgence" for his career, Danny reflected on his time with the gang.

"It's great, you know, actors wanna work and everybody's in the same boat," he said. "Taxi was the launchpad -- Cuckoo's Nest was first and then Taxi really put me on [everybody's radar]. You try to do different things so you keep excited about it, and then outta the blue, Sunny [came] 13 years ago... I thought it was great. I didn't know I wanted to be part of it until they asked me a few months later."

While we couldn't be happier to have Frank Reynolds in our lives, we COULD be happier if Always Sunny got added to any Australian streaming platform.

Feature image: FX