Teresa Palmer Loves Sh*tAdelaide's Insta As Much As You

Whether you're from Adelaide or not, the Sh*tAdelaide Instagram account is a true national treasure.

Posting, as their bio points out, "the good sh*t, the bad sh*t and the weird sh*t" of Adelaide, the 'gram features all kinds of wild and wacky content, which includes but is not limited to: seals on the loose, local icons and drunk people being any combination of reckless, amazing and/or awful.

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Point is, the content is always fire, and if you're like me -- an Adelaide native who now lives interstate -- it's a nice reminder of the weird and wonderful town that will always be home. Or, a reminder of why you moved away. It really depends on the day.

But don't take my word for it! Actress and Adelaide native Teresa Palmer -- famously discovered while working at Cotton On in Rundle Mall -- who resides in the Adelaide Hills when she's not working, is also a fan, so much so that she even submits her own content!

The video of a couple's rowboat getting bogged in the middle of Rymill Park's "most romantic algae blooming lake", as Sh*tAdelaide put it, features Teresa and co. cracking up while filming the debacle, even saying "this is going straight on Sh*tAdelaide!"

Followers loved the celeb submission, with one person commenting to a friend: "imagine not only ending up on Sh*tadelaide, but being submitted by Teresa Palmer" with a crying laughing emoji.

"I love that Teresa Palmer sent this in," wrote another.

Stars, they're just like us!

Feature image: Getty Images