Olivia Jade's Former Classmate Dishes On College Cheating Scandal

YouTuber Harlow Brooks has shared some insight into the life of Lori Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade.

Loughlin and her husband Mossimo Giannulli were arrested and released on $US 1 million bail each last week for their alleged involvement in the college admissions cheating scandal.

The couple were among 50 people indicted by the FBI for allegedly arranging bribes and committing fraud to get their children into prestigious US colleges as athletic recruits.

YouTuber Harlow Brooks -- who has nearly 60,000 subscribers -- says in a new video posted online that she once walked the halls of the very same all-girls Catholic school attended by the Giannulli sisters, Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose.

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Brooks recalled thinking it was a little fishy that both siblings had been accepted to the University of Southern California (USC), a college that she described as being notoriously difficult to get into.

She added that she was even more confused trying to figure out how Olivia Jade was juggling her duties as a YouTube star with her studies.

"I remember hearing later that Olivia had also gotten into USC, and I was like 'Wow that's kind of crazy, because USC is kind of very, extremely hard to get into. So not only one sister, but both of them'," Brooks said.

The influencer and aspiring actor said she remembered thinking that the admission might have been because the Giannullis' mother -- Fuller House star Loughlin -- is a celebrity and "maybe she donates a lot of money".

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"Or [maybe she] paid someone to pretend like her daughters are on the rowing team," Brooks added, alluding the scandal that broke last week.

Brooks goes on to explain the real  "problem" could lie with schools like Marymount High, the same institution attended by celebs including the Kardashians, Mariska Hargitay and Mia Farrow.

Although she doesn't explicitly name the school in her video, Brooks explains that students are under a lot of pressure to perform academically and noted that many were taking the ADHD prescription medication Adderall to get through high -school.

“It’s all this stress and pressure for no point, except to say that you went to this certain high school, and I think that’s why they go,” she said. “Because the rich people in LA want their kids to go to these schools so they can say they go to these schools so people know they pay $50,000 for their high school. It’s a super weird world.”

Brooks ended the vid by calling out wealthy families who have been gaming the system for years to get their study-averse children into college -- and wishing her ~frenemy~ Olivia Jade all the best.

"I hope Olivia Jade's doing okay," she said. "It hasn't become clear if she knew what her mum did [but] I have a heard time believing she didn't."

Main Image: YouTube/Harlow Brooks.