Adam Hills Slammed For Saying He's 'Not OK' With Egg Boy's Actions

Comedian Adam Hills has been criticised for scolding the teenager known as 'Egg Boy' on Twitter.

Hills called out the actions of 17-year-old Will Connolly, who has been making headlines globally after he egged Senator Fraser Anning at a rally on Saturday.

Connolly -- who will forever be known as Egg Boy -- has been lauded as a hero by musicians and celebrities including the Hilltop Hoods and former Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Chelsea Peretti.

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However, Hills has spoken out against Connolly on Twitter, writing that he was "not ok with the kid in Australia egging a politician".

"It was not ok when someone did it to Jeremy Corbyn last week," he wrote, referring to the UK Labour leader getting egged while he visited a mosque in London earlier this month.


"...And I don't think its ok to do it to Fraser Anning," he added. "It makes him a victim, and emboldens his supporters. Take him down with wit, rules and due process."

The comedian has since been slammed for his comments, with critics pointing to the statement that Senator Anning released in the wake of this week's terror attack in New Zealand in which he blamed "immigration" for the shootings at two mosques that left 50 people dead.

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Hills clarified in a separate tweet that he thought Anning's words were "abhorrent".

"His reaction to the egging was appalling," he added, referring to footage that shows the senator punching Connolly before his supporters tackled the teen to the ground.

"I still don't think he should be egged. I'm fine with all those opinions. I understand if you're not," Hills wrote.


Egg Boy -- who was arrested but released without charge -- has since updated his followers on social media, writing that he had "no regrets" about the stunt.

Connolly also posted a message of support to New Zealanders on Snapchat that read: "We stand with New Zealand. We condemn hate."

Main Image: AAP