Noted Fan Of Mischief Rami Malek Signs On To Voice Podcast

Hot off the back of his Oscar win, Rami Malek is set to take over the podcasting world.

Although it didn't make the cut when he listed off things he's a fan of in the viral video that's been haunting my nightmares for weeks, Rami Malek is a fan of podcasts.

“I think more and more people are listening to podcasts now -- more than ever. There’s something old school about it, reverting back to stories that unfold over the radio, and there’s that element of this very much ingrained in our podcast, having the radio as the only source of information," he told EW recently.

Now, Rami has signed on to voice and executive produce an audio-drama podcast called Blackout.

Although Rami will be playing a New Hampshire DJ, the podcast is NOT about one DJ's search for justice in a world that still overlooks Britney's best album Blackout, but rather, a man who is trying to save his family after power grids start going down across America.

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Rami told EW:

“This is a hyper-realistic story of what would unfold should the grid go down; how we would be totally unprepared to deal with the repercussions. The themes that we touch on because of that will explore and delve into how we respond as the most bare human beings that we are. Themes of community versus tribalism will come up, and then you will think about this loss of our sense of community and the longing that comes with increasing tech taking over our lives, and just reverting back a world that now seems so distant, a world of truly listening to one another.”

Sounds depressing! Can't wait.

Anyway, is podcasting the new frontier of the entertainment industry? Will we one day be talking about celebs who've PEGOTed rather than EGOTed? Only time will tell, friends.

Feature image: Getty Images.