Guess What, Haters? Ben Affleck Actually Loves His Giant Tattoo, So There!

Appearing on 'The Ellen Show', Ben Affleck took a moment to defend his massive phoenix tattoo.

There to chat about his new Netflix film Triple Frontier, Ben addressed the photos of his giant phoenix tattoo that were snapped last March while he was in training for the film on a beach in Hawaii.

In a good-natured tone, Ben acknowledged that the response to his back tatt was, you know, "not so much positive".

First snapped while he was on the set of Live By Night back in 2015, criticism of the tattoo was so widespread that Ben initially denied that it was real, telling Extra's Mario Lopez that it was "fake for a movie" back in 2016.

After The New Yorker published a piece about "The Great Sadness of Ben Affleck" -- which referenced his "enormous, garish tattoo" -- however, he responded that he was "doing just fine", noting that he had "thick skin bolstered by garish tattoos".

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On Ellen, he said that it was initially "something that [he] sort of kept private".

"It wasn’t like I was doing photoshoots or whatever," he explained. "We were two hours north of the city on an island in Hawaii and we didn’t know the paparazzi were there. So they got a picture of my tattoo. And sentiment ran … you know, against.”

When Ellen joked that it was of a phoenix "rising from [his] ass", Ben laughed, saying that he was about to talk about how the tattoo "represents something important" to him before Ellen cut him off.

"It’s meaningful to me, I like it," he said after the joke died down. "I love my tattoo. I’m very happy with it. Luckily, I’m the one who has it."

Ben also spoke about how he's doing at the moment, following his recent stay in rehab to receive treatment for his ongoing battle with alcoholism.

'There’s temptation to get like -- I could get depressed, I could be like, ‘I’ve been through a lot. That was hard, this was hard,’ or I could be kind of embarrassed. But I have to say, I feel so good right now," he said. "I’m in such a great place, kids are healthy, life is good. So whatever it took for me to get to this place, I’m grateful for."

Feature image: Getty Images