Luke Perry's Costars Trolled For Not Posting About His Death On Social Media

Former co-stars of Luke Perry are being attacked online for not posting about his death on their Instagrams.

Fans of Perry have jumped onto Instagram profiles of his former co-stars like Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling, attacking them for not publicly posting a tribute to him.

Perry died last week following a massive stroke at just 52-years-old, and many of his friends, co-stars and fans posted loving tributes to him. For some, like Garth, they made the decision to mourn in private, but that hasn't been enough for some.

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Posting for the first time since Perry's death, Garth posted an image of her daughters for International Women's Day.

"It's obvious her and Tori Spelling didn't have a relationship with him," one commenter wrote regarding Perry, "People who did have had something to say. They may be shocked but they're not mourning."

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"Really @jenniegarth?" another wrote, "and Luke perry [sic] nothing to say".

Similarly, Tori Spelling also posted a series of images of her daughters celebrating them for International Women's Day.

"Go right ahead and act like Luke Perry didn't die," one wrote, "Smh! No acknowledgement or nothing. Business as usual. Smh. Shame on you Tori. Or maybe u fell out with him and didn't like him anymore."

"Not even a shout out for Luke??? Pathetic," another wrote.

Both Spelling and Garth hit back at the hate, with Spelling saying, "Anyone who knew Luke knew he hated social media! So I didn't post anything about Luke's passing out of respect to a man I loved very much!"

Garth similarly struck back at the trolls writing, "I chose to post a pic of my girls today because they are my life. Because today is a day to celebrate all women."

Luke Perry's Costars Trolled For Not Posting About His Death On Social Media
Jennie Garth hit back at trolls claiming she hadn't done enough to publicly mourn Luke Perry's death. Image: Instagram @jenniegarth.

"Please don't assume or judge or make rude comments," Garth's comment continued, "That's really uncool."

Despite the claims that neither had mourned Perry's death, both Garth and Spelling had given comment to People following his death.

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"I share my deep sadness with his family and all who loved him. Such a terrible loss," Garth said while Spelling went on to say she was in "utter shock and heartbroken".

"Luke was one of the kindest and most humble human beings I've ever known. I'm grateful for the years of friendship we had," she told the publication last week, "He truly was family to me, a protector and a brother. I'm so sorry for the loss that everyone is experiencing."

Both Garth and Spelling -- along with a handful of their other former 90210 co-stars -- are set to appear in the upcoming series reboot. Despite Perry never being officially attached due to his commitments with Riverdale, Spelling has said the series will find a way to honour Perry.

Featured image: Getty Images / Instagram.