Why Did Jennifer Lopez Tag Ellen On Her Engagement Photo?

Don't be fooled by the rock that she's got.

In case you missed it, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod, got engaged. The pair announced it on social media with a close-up pic of their hands.

Gorgeous, lovely, quick question: Why the hell is The Ellen Show tagged in this photo of Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod's engagement?

Why Did Jennifer Lopez Tag Ellen On Her Engagement Photo
JLo's adorable engagement photo complete with, uh, Ellen's show tagged on her future husband's hand. Image: Instagram @jlo.

"Who cares?" you're probably wondering but THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SECOND. This is JLo's announcement to the world that she's engaged and she tagged... Ellen. ONLY Ellen. She didn't even tag A-Rod!

Meanwhile, he didn't tag a damn soul on his version of the pic -- which is just a whole different story. What's going on here?

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The couple has been dating since February 2017, and have captured the hearts of many -- mostly with how understandably obsessed A-Rod is with JLo.

Okay, but what's going on with the tag because it feels like not enough people are talking about it.

Our most pressing theory is because the last few times JLo went on Ellen's show they joked about how time is ticking for them to get married?

Just last week JLo appeared on The Ellen Show to talk about A-Rod's adorable surprise when he managed to score a FaceTime with Joanna Gaines, who JLo is apparently obsessed with.

But the Fixer Upper wasn't the only surprise for the Maid in Manhattan star, with Ellen giving JLo a massive clock for the couple.

Why Did Jennifer Lopez Tag Ellen On Her Engagement Photo
Ellen gave JLo the beautiful signature clock which JLo probably put in a beautiful signature bin when she got home. Image: Warner Bros. Television Distribution.

"This is a clock... basically to remind [A-Rod] time is ticking and he should hurry up and propose," Ellen joked.

Back in November 2018 Ellen grilled JLo about when she thought A-Rod would propose, wondering if it would happen over Christmas. So is this why she's tagged in the photo? Is it because she kept using her massive daytime talk show to make jokes about when A-Rod pop the question?

The only other theory we have was that this was JLo's way of asking Ellen to be involved in the wedding and thankfully the talk show host picked up on the cues, agreeing to be JLo's Maid of Honour.

Anyway, congratulations to JLo, A-Rod and ElDeg, we hope this trio are very happy together..? But seriously, what's going on here.

Featured image: Instagram @Jlo.