Lana Del Rey Puts $1 Pricetag On Her 'Priceless' Thoughts

Lana Del Rey shared that her book of poetry, titled 'Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass' will be sold for just one dollar in the USA.

Lana's been posting poems and haikus from her forthcoming poetry debut on her Instagram, and recently gave fans an update about the work.

Sharing that she was "like super excited" to be self-publishing her first poetry book, LDR offered to deliver the books to stores personally, within reason.

"I just wanted to say any mom-and-pop SoCal/ San Fran book stores that are interested in having it just let me know and I’ll drive you out a couple boxes when I’m done binding it in a few months xx," the "Young and Beautiful" singer wrote.

Replying to a fan who asked how much the book will cost, Lana wrote: “$1… because my thoughts are priceless.”

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