Ah, So, I'm Not Convinced Heidi Montag Knows What Diversity Means

This may come as a shock to you, dear reader, but there is a chance that Heidi Montag doesn't quite know what the word 'diversity' means.

While being interviewed by Vogue about MTV's reboot of The Hills, now titled The Hills: New Beginnings, the "Superficial" singer was asked about the show's diversity.

"Do you wish that there was a little more diversity represented?" asked the interviewer.

"I, I -- We don't all look the same," Heidi began, elaborating: "I mean, Audrina has darker hair, I feel like Mischa has darker hair..."

Heidi paused, before adding: “But yeah, we’re California girls and it’s a group of friends, and that just happens to be the group that came together. But you know, that’s just the way the show was. I have other, very diverse friends that are not featured on the show.”

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After doing the rounds on Twitter the response has been, you know, pretty much what you'd expect.

Anyhoo, we're just gonna leave Merriam-Webster's definition here, in case Heidi happens to stumble across this somehow.


Feature image: Getty Images / Twitter