Piers Morgan Said Australia Is The 'Epitome Of Misogyny And Sexism'

Piers Morgan has shared his thoughts on the state of toxic masculinity in Australia.

The controversial Good Morning Britain co-host was interviewing former Prime Minister Julia Gillard and actress Rose McGowan about International Women's Day when he made the casual observation.

The interview began with proof that Piers hadn't really bothered to do much research for the segment, asking Gillard whether she was Australia's first "woman prime minister".

Julia Gillard appeared with Rose McGowan on GMB today (YouTube).

"Yes, I was. And to date, only female prime minister," Gillard very patiently replied.

Seemingly uninterested with hearing her response, Morgan charged on to dredge up some of his own *research* about Australia.

"In a country that many people for a long time presumed was kind of the epitome of misogyny and sexism," he began, before asking Gillard about her time as PM.

Piers' comments are absolutely not wrong, our country is rife with misogyny and sexism.

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A 2018 study conducted by Macquarie University and SBS found that 60 percent of women aged 18-25 had experienced "gender inequality" and 40 percent of women in the same age group had experienced sexual harassment in a public place in the previous 12 months.

And misogyny in modern Australia is something that Gillard herself called out in her historic misogyny speech to parliament in 2012.

Describing any country as the epitome of sexism and misogyny is bit of a stretch because -- spoiler alert -- they're all bad!

But more importantly, critics are pointing out that Piers himself has made a career out of being, well, pretty sexist and misogynistic.

In November 2018, Morgan got into a slanging match involving Little Mix, Ariana Grande's mum Joan, and eventually Ari herself.

Morgan said he would prefer Little Mix to "use their talent to sell records rather than their nudity".

Grande promptly asserted that women can be "sexual AND talented. naked and dignified. it's OUR choice and we will keep fighting til people understand".

Morgan noted during the Good Morning Britain segment on Wednesday that he and Grande had dinner together to discuss the disagreement but he still seemed to be struggling with the whole feminism thing, and the fact that the concept of gender roles and masculinity is changing.

Luckily, Gillard and McGowan -- who would have known what they signed up for appearing on telly with Morgan -- were there to lay down some sense.

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"We've got a change in masculinity... the concept of what it is to be a man is evolving and changing, said Gillard.

"And I think ... that ultimately empowers men as well as women. Because why does anybody want to be in a box that says, 'You can only be a good person if you do these ... things?'" Gillard asked.

International Women's Day is this Friday, March 8. 

Main Image: Good Morning Britain via YouTube.