Queer's Eye's Antoni Now A Meme After Becoming Awkward Third Wheel

The internet is commiserating with 'Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski after he was seated next to Pete Davidson and Kate Beckinsale at an ice hockey game.

Photos have emerged from a recent New York Rangers match showing Antoni looking extremely uncomfortable as the Underworld actress and SNL comedian locked lips right next to him.

New couple Davidson and Beckinsale have been photographed holding hands in recent months, but it seems like they waited to debut their big public smooch until they were seated right next to the Queer Eye star.

And while Antoni looks like he's experiencing a special kind of existential dread, he gave the internet a truly *bellissimo* meme template. 

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Porowski's sorrowful glances and worryingly placed hand on his chin have been used to convey Twitter's thoughts on everything from modern romance, to the Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods saga, to Antoni's favourite fruit, the avocado!

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The official Queer Eye Twitter account used the hilarious pic to remind everyone that Season 3 hits Netflix this month, with Antoni innocently replying, "Love this pic where'd you find it, guys?"

Who knows, maybe Antoni recruited Pete on the spot for Season 4 to have a word about his ~street style~ wardrobe.

Main Image: Instagram @stormjenner.