Rami Malek Gives Off Serial Killer Vibes In Deeply Unsettling Video

A newly-surfaced ad campaign starring Rami Malek is sending shivers down all of our spines.

The Oscar-winner appeared in a promo for a luxury hotel chain in January -- but it's only now that fans have raised some serious concerns about Rami.

In the campaign for Mandarin Oriental Hotels, Malek stares directly at the camera -- with minimal blinking -- as he begins listing all of his favourite things.

"I'm a fan of chamomile tea," he says. "I'm a fan of handwritten movies.  I'm a fan of classic movies."

Animated GIF

The Bohemian Rhapsody actor then goes on to add "random encounters", "travelling by train" and "mischief" to the horrifying laundry list of nightmares.

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Twitter users have made it clear they are most definitely not a fan of Rami's unnerving delivery, comparing the Oscar-winner to a real-life Bond villain, a serial killer and someone who makes online dating videos.

We'd just like to say that Rami isn't to blame for this mess -- it's definitely whoever decided to make a one-minute long video with NO MUSIC.

Main Image: YouTube.