Katy Perry Reveals The Cute, Disastrous Way Orlando Bloom Proposed

From In-N-Out burgers to potentially lethal helicopter rides, whatever Orlando Bloom did seemed to have worked.

Stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live, a very hungover Katy explained that one of the only reasons she agreed to show up for the interview was because Jimmy "lived so close to an In-N-Out Burger".

And thank god she did, as Katy was more than happy to tell Jimmy exactly how her fiance Orlando Bloom popped the question.

And it all began with In-N-Out.

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According to Katy, about three years ago after the Golden Globes, she was casually snacking on an In-N-Out burger with Denzel Washington, as one is wont to do, when along came Orlando and nabbed her burger.

For many this would be a relationship ending experience, having your burger ripped from your clutches, but for Katy, her first thought was: "Wait-- who? Oh, you're so hot. Fine, take it."

The pair then ran into each other at a party where Katy asked her future beau, "How are those onions resting on your molars?" perhaps one of the most romantic beginnings to a relationship we've ever heard.

Katy Perry Reveals The Cute, Disastrous Way Orlando Bloom Proposed
Artist's interpretation of Katy and Orlando's first meeting. Image: StudioCanal.

Well not really because it's all very recent, but you know what we mean. Katy then went on to explain how the proposal all went down and unfortunately -- unlike an In-N-Out burger, it did not go smoothly.

It was Valentine's Day and Katy -- thinking she was going to see some "art" after dinner -- was instead taken to a helicopter.

"We had champagne in the helicopter and the box was in his pocket and he had written down everything he had wanted to say in a note," Katy explained saying that the note was supposed to distract her while Orlando got the ring out of the box and prepared the proposal.

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The box was too big for Orlando's pocket and as he attempted to pull it out, "it rips his coat pocket and his elbow goes into the champagne and I'm like 'No, I'm just reading the note, I know you're not doing anything'," she said.

Luckily it all came together in the end with the pair landing on a rooftop and being surprised by Katy's friends and family waiting. Probably with In-N-Out burgers.

Check out the full clip below.

Featured image: ABC via YouTube.