This Photo Of Lady Gaga And Madonna Has Ended Their Epic Feud

This is better than an Oscar. It's better than ten Oscars.

The long-running rumoured feud between Madonna and Academy Award-winner Lady Gaga appears to have ended with a biblical embrace.

Hosting her annual post-show party, Madonna partnered with Time magazine -- totally relatable -- and had one of their photographers around to snap some of the A-list attendees.

And despite winning the Oscar for her song "Shallow", it appears Gaga may have snagged more than even she had expected.

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The notable photo was obviously Madonna, swathed in white and a bejewelled headpiece, embracing Gaga like her cherubic babe, clutching her Best Original Song Oscar and beaming with joy.

Since Gaga's rise to fame years ago, the pair have been locked in an epic clash of titans, most notably kicking off after she released "Born This Way" in 2011, which many believed ripped off Madge's "Express Yourself".

Comparisons between the two -- and claims that Gaga was attempting to rip off Madonna -- were constant and in a 2012 Madonna called Gaga's track "reductive".

Hell, even Gaga's now infamous "There can be 99 people in a room" quote was eventually linked to Madonna, with internet sleuths uncovering a clip of the "Like a Virgin" singer saying a very similar phrase.

Madonna cheekily posted the clip onto her Instagram as a surefire dig at the "Shallow" singer.

But all that seems to be put in the past, as we celebrate a new age of Gaga/Madonna relations.

We're still unsure if this really is the end of the longstanding "feud" between Gaga and Madonna, or maybe Madge is just rehearsing for next year's Best Actress nom?

Featured image: Time via Instagram.