ICYMI: Rami Malek Slipped And Fell Off The Stage After His Oscar Win

Rami Malek was attended by medics after taking a bit of a tumble at the Academy Awards.

Malek was attempting to walk off stage after collecting his statue for Best Lead Actor when he slipped between the cracks of the very visually confusing set.

The fall wasn't captured on the live broadcast, but a video has now emerged on Twitter that shows Malek disappearing out of frame, accompanied by a loud crash.

"Oh Rami!" someone from the front row exclaims in the footage that shows Roma director Alfonso Cuarón turning around after hearing the commotion.

Malek appeared to hobble a little as he picked himself up, but is reportedly fine, according to Variety. 

The Bohemian Rhapsody actor was attended to by paramedics but "did not appear to be visibly hurt".

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To be fair, we're surprised more actors didn't trip off the edge of this optical illusion of an Oscars set, created by David Korins.

The designer wrote on Twitter that the dangerous steps were reminiscent of "feminine curves" and "natural landscapes", which is all well and good, but how did anyone walk across this Magic Eye puzzle of a stage??

Malek appeared to be fully recovered by the time he made his way to the Oscars engraving room -- rudely wasting this entire bottle of champagne.

Main Image: Getty Images.