Even Conan O'Brien Thinks Sydney's Lockout Laws Are A Joke

Conan O'Brien brought all the laughs to Sydney's State Theatre on Wednesday night for his sold-out show, Conan & His Australian Friends.

Performing for the first time in the country for the show, as well as filming his Netflix travel show 'Conan Without Borders', the comedian and talk show host certainly didn't disappoint as he took aim at everything from Sydney's draconian lock-out laws, to our hard-to-understand accents and "top-shelf sheilas."

Appearing on stage after Aussie comedians Steen Raskopolous, Becky Lucas, and Rhys Nicholson, the 55-year-old brought the house down with his sharp wit and hilarious Aussie impressions -- including a dubious attempt at our accent and expressing doubt that we actually had a cereal called Weet-Bix, since "you Aussies are probably lying to me as a joke."

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Perhaps the sharpest observation of the funnyman's show was his take on Sydney's highly controversial lockout laws -- and the fact that weed is still illegal here.

"The US is the most uptight place in the world and it’s even legal there," he told the audience. "It’s legal at the Vatican, but not in Australia!”

Speaking out about the nightlife-crippling laws -- which sees patrons unable to enter venues after 1.30am, no shots after midnight and no alcohol served after 3 am -- a baffled Conan asked the crowd, "I heard Australians love to party... No shots after midnight? Are you putting up with that?"

That’s the one that I saw and I thought “What is that?” You leave at 1:30 and you can’t get back in again. I’ve been everywhere. That law doesn’t exist in any place!"

However, he did have a suggestion for Sydneysiders hoping to get around the strict laws.

"I propose a solution that I’ve come up with, and I hope you name it after me: When it gets close to closing time, go to the bathroom, get in a stall, pull your feet up. Call it 'The Conan.'"

The popular host also treated fans to a Q&A, as well as a performance of the iconic Aussie hit 'Shook Me All Night Long' by AC/DC.

Whipping out his guitar and belting out some impressive vocals, Conan rocked to the Aussie tune as the crowd cheered him on. Soon after, he invited a member of the audience to get up and have a go at performing the track themselves -- and that actually turned out to be none other than Aussie comedian and actor Pauly Fenech of Fat Pizza fame.

After Fenech gave a hugely energetic (and hilarious) performance, a shocked Conan exclaimed to the crowd, "Who the fuck was that?? He's amazing!"

The TV host has been getting amongst all Sydney has to offer while on his trip, visiting Bondi beach to meet the local lifeguards, as well as hanging out with the Sydney Swans at training.

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"The minute I saw the short shorts, I knew this was the sport for me," O'Brien told Sydney Swans club legend Nick Davis on Swans TV.

"I have very long attractive legs and I felt that this would show me at my best. They're going to see the longest whitest legs they've ever seen running away from anyone trying to tackle me."

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