All The Photos From Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth's Wedding Album

The Hemsworths have been drip feeding us snaps from their intimate Tennessee wedding.

So we thought we'd put them all in one place so you can wish for the hundredth time that you'd scored an invite to the low-key ceremony that featured a vegan buffet, dogs (!) and lounge-room dancing to Bruno Mars.

The Black And White Snaps

Classy, but understated and definitely taken on an iPhone, these were the first intimate shots the couple shared when they tied the knot. The grainy photos sum up how relaxed the wedding party looked and, honestly, look way better than any slick professional pics could.

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The Family Album

Miley's parents Tish and Billy Ray shared some of their favourite memories from the loved-up living room ceremony that took place over Christmas last year.

Dressed in matching black jackets and blue jeans, the Cyrus fam welcomed their new Australian relatives -- the Hemsworths -- to their home state of Tennessee.

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Country music legend and "Achey Breaky Heart" crooner Billy Ray also captured a very daggy, but adorable, snap on his old phone.

"Wedding wouldn't be complete without one snap from Dad's outdated blackberry camera. Love seeing all so happy," he wrote on Twitter.

And Miley's little sis Noah showed us how ~emosh~ the ceremony got with this tear-streaked thumbs up on her Instagram stories.

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Got Married For Christmas

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A Very Miley Wedding

Miley may have officially changed her name to Hemsworth, but the latest photos of the wedding she's shared show that she'll always be a Cyrus at heart.

In a series of photos that show off her Vivienne Westwood wedding gown, the "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" singer chills with her dog,  tucks into the vegan bain-maries with sisters Brandi and Noah and pulls some hilarious poses with her bouquet.

"My mama told me this bouquet is for holding and traditions sake.... not eating .... or smoking..... or using as a metaphorical “penis” / unicorn horn but .... I did it anyway. Sorry mom," she wrote on Instagram.

The Christmas Loungeroom Boogie

The wedding soundtrack featured some "Uptown Funk" and we're so glad this clip of Miley dancing to it in front of a Christmas tree exists. But the best part of the vid is finding out that Liam was behind the camera the whole time when he jumps out for a quick boogie.

Main Image: Twitter/@MileyCyrus