Five-Year-Old North West Apparently Has A Boyfriend, And We Are Uncomfortable

We're super weirded out by this.

If any of you singletons out there already felt sh*tty for being alone on Valentine's Day, then prepare to have your day ruined with the news that even five-year-old North West has a boyfriend now.

According to the almighty Instagram, the daughter of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian is wasting no time jumping into the dating scene, after pics surfaced of North alongside rapper Consequence's son, seven-year-old Caiden Mills.

I mean, that's all cute and whatnot, until you see the caption dubbing the young fashionista as his "boo" and showering her with a whole lotta exxy Tiffany And Co. jewellery for the international day of love.

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"Shout out to Northie, Babygirl I’ll see you soon ???," he wrote in one shot of him posing with his Tiffany & Co. bag, while another snap featuring the young couple reads, "Boo'd up."

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Despite the fact that it's incredibly depressing that a child is having a better V-Day than any of us will probably have in our mediocre lives, people can't help but express the fact that the whole thing is just, like, super weird. 

Cool, right. Okay. If anyone needs us we'll just be over here crying into an industrial-sized tub of Ben & Jerry's.

Image: Instagram