Amy Schumer Teases Gender Reveal, Announces Netflix Special

The comedian announced her new Netflix special in typical Amy Schumer style.

Schumer told her fans that "it probably feels like I've been pregnant for a thousand years",  and tbh, it really has been a long pregnancy.

"But I've been working really hard, I haven't just been relaxing and eating doughnuts," she deadpanned, taking a bite from the baked treat.

"But what I wanted to announce was the baby's gender," she said, wiping doughnut crumbs off her top.

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Thankfully the comedian explained she really doesn't give a hoot about her baby's gender or sexuality -- we knew she wouldn't be one to order a gender reveal lasagna or custom manicure.

"Any way the baby identifies is cool with us, as long as it doesn't identify as a DJ, because that's heartbreaking," she joked.


Schumer went on to say that say that the gender reveal announcement was a ruse and she was really online to tell us all about her new comedy special. Surprise!

"I taped a special, I filmed it in Chicago for Netflix and it's coming out March 19 and I'm really proud of it," the I Feel Pretty star said.

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"It's called Growing and I think it's the best special I've ever done. And yeah, I hope you guys like it," she added.

Growing will be the follow-up to 2017's The Leather Special, Schumer's last standup show broadcast on Netflix.

Main Image: Instagram