Con Air Star Accuses Harvey Weinstein Of Sexual Misconduct

Con Air actress Monica Potter alleges she was denied a role in a film after rejecting Harvey Weinstein, who is accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

Another actress has accused disgraced filmmaker Harvey Weinstein of unwanted advances -- and says she belted him "where it hurt".

Potter says she was denied a job in The Cider House Rules after rejecting Weinstein, who is accused of sexual misconduct by dozens of women.

"I lost out on that role because of that hairy pig," Potter said on Friday during an interview with Cleveland news station WKYC.

Potter has starred in a number of Hollywood blockbusters such as 'Con Air' and 'Saw'. (Image AAP)

The actress, 47, previously hadn't shared her allegation against Weinstein.

"I didn't do something, so therefore I missed out on it," Potter said of the role. "I'm not saying the person who got it did, I'm just saying I didn't."

She said Weinstein "tried three times" with her.

"Twice was in New York and then once was in London," she told the NBC station.

Potter starring with Morgan Freeman in 'Along Came A Spider' (Image AAP)

The actress said she "flat out belted" Weinstein at one point, adding she "really hit him where it hurt".

Potter did not say which role she was in consideration for in the 1999 drama. Charlize Theron played the lead female role of Candy Kendall in the movie.

Weinstein's rep denied Potter's allegation in a statement, saying the producer has "great respect" for the actress.

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"The final cast decisions on Cider House was the creative team's alone," reads the statement obtained by The New York Daily News. "Close to 100 people auditioned and it came down to two people, which is a pretty good position to be in.

Harvey Weinstein is at the centre of dozens of claims of sexual misconduct. (Image AAP)

"There has never been anything other than respect and professionalism between Weinstein's company and Ms. Potter, stemming from The Very Thought of You in 1998, and they have only had a friendly and cordial relationship over the years, and any suggestion or allegation otherwise is simply false and rather convenient."

Weinstein has denied all allegations of non-consensual sexual activity.

Potter praised those who previously came forward with their accusations, saying she's "so grateful for all the women that stood up."