These Pics Of Your Favourite Celebs With Their Younger Selves Are Amazing

A digital artist has photoshopped celebrities with their younger selves in a series of posts.

Instagram's recent #10YearChallenge saw celebs posting photos from 10 years ago, but what if you could see what your favourite actors and singers would look like if they actually hung out with their younger selves?

Instagrammer Ard Gelinck has created some incredible images that do exactly that and showcase how much they've changed (or haven't) since their youth.

Here are just a few of our favourites:


Tom Hanks

Britney Spears

Freddie Mercury

Julia Roberts

Richard Gere

Tina Turner

Bruce Springsteen

Lady Gaga

Boy George

Spice Girls

Haley Joel Osment

See the rest of Ari's work here.