Russell Brand Reckons Tickling Kids Should Be Banned

Russell Brand wants to outlaw tickling children until they're old enough to consent.

The comedian and actor told the Daily Star that he now regrets tickling his friend David Baddiel's son Ezra in the past.

“To recall doing this to Ez fills me with dreadful shame and makes me want to punch myself in the face," he said, adding: “Which is what I will do to anyone who tickles either of my daughters until they are old enough to decide for themselves whether they want to be tickled or not, which by my reckoning is at 35.”

The 43-year-old -- who is father to Mabel, two, and Peggy, six months, with his wife Laura Gallacher -- continued.

“I loathe it," he said. “It is an attempt to subvert the child’s bodily autonomy, to take away their right to their own space and peace.

“Would you do it to an adult? Would you insert your rigid fingers into their belly or their armpits? Of course not.”

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Russell recently came under fire for revealing that he'd never looked after his children alone for a full day because he is “not so good on the nappies and making sure that they eat food”.

“[Laura] wouldn’t go away for 24 hours,” he said of his wife. “She respects and cares for [the children’s] safety too much.”

Reaction to his comments has been varied with many saying it is as simple as if the child enjoys it.

"If it makes them laugh, do it. If they say they don't like it or pull away, don't. Simple" Karen Orchard wrote on Twitter.

While others agreed and defended Brand's position.

Geraldine Brennan wrote  "Hate Russell Brand, but I hate being tickled more. Remember a friend of my parents, I would hide under my bed every time he came over because he thought it was such fun. Keep your hands off kids" on Facebook in response to Brand's comments. 

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