Kylie Jenner Dropped $10,000 On Food Delivery In One Year And Goals TBH

Food delivery platform Postmates has spilled on some of King Kylie's fave orders.

Remember when food delivery apps didn't exist and you'd have to actually leave the house while violently hungover, complete with last night's makeup mottled across your weathered face as you desperately go in search of something greasy to satiate the nausea of one too many vodka Red Bulls?

Well, lucky for us, those dark days are truly behind us with the introduction of apps like Deliveroo, Menulog, or in the USA's case, Postmates.

And it's not just us hungover commoners who appreciate having food delivered to the door without having to face the outside world -- according to Postmates new celebrity spotlight series, The Receipt, celebs are also big fans -- especially Kylie Jenner.

In the last 365 days, the makeup mogul has apparently placed a whopping 186 Postmates orders, with the total coming to over $10,000. According to the report, Kylie's most expensive order consisted of Don Julio Añejo 1942 Tequila, and her smallest order was a bottle of Smartwater and a single carrot (???).

Along with the above random assortment of orders, the mum of one is also a HUGE fan of bagels with cream cheese from The Bagel Broker, which is her most ordered item. She's also been known to order matcha lattes and turkey breast sandwiches, with her most popular ordering time usually at around 10am.

The best bit of info from the report? Just before she had Stormi, Ky ordered: Oreo McFlurries, 10pc chicken nuggets and fries.

Honestly, that just sounds like a regular Sunday to us.

Image: Getty