Chris Hemsworth: You're "Lying To Yourself" If You Can't Find Time To Work Out

In an interview with Men's Health UK magazine, Chris Hemsworth talked about his fitness routine and said that anyone who can't find "20-30 minutes" to work out every day is lying to themselves.

Of people "making excuses" when it comes to training, the Thor actor said:

“So, are you telling me you can't find 20-30 minutes a day to work out? You're lying to yourself. You just chose to watch TV instead.”

The actor -- an extremely privileged, able-bodied male with a net worth of USD$90 million -- described his fitness routine as an "addiction", saying: "Once I'm in the midst of training and staying healthy in mind and body, it becomes an addiction.

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"But that first step is the hardest. Get up, move, then it will follow," he added.

Hemsworth is about to launch his own workout app -- Centr, by Chris Hemsworth -- which will be released on February 11.

Feature image: Getty Images