Miley Cyrus Has Officially Become The Biggest Lindsay Lohan Fan

Disney girls stick together!

Since Lindsay Lohan has returned to screens and headlines everywhere with the premiere of her reality show Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, she's found herself with one very prominent new stan: Miley Cyrus.

Here's how it's all gone down.

After LiLo hit MTV, Miley started following her on Insta, along with Lindsay's former nemesis and fellow former Disney starlet Hilary Duff, and fellow child star Drake.

After a Vice review of Beach Club labelled it "painful voyeurism", Miley quickly came to LiLo's defence, calling it "the best show ever".

Linds followed her back, and they've been liking up a storm in each other's feeds.

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This morning, Miley cemented her place as leader of the Lindsay Lohan Fan Club, singing along to Lindsay's 2004 bop "Rumours" -- a timeless and relateable classic about the perils of fame and paparazzi. Lindsay was delighted.

As a result of this, pretty much everyone wants them to collaborate and unite two generations of Disney legends for us all.

Personally, we'd love this to happen, so we speak this into existence for 2019!

Feature image: Getty Images