Actors Use SAG Awards To Call For Overtime Pay And Meal Breaks

After winning a SAG Award for 'Escape At Dannemora', Patricia Arquette took a moment to call out production companies that have been underpaying actors.

Arquette thanked her fellow nominees (Amy Adams, Patricia Clarkson, Penelope Cruz and Emma Stone) -- as well as director Ben Stiller and her co-stars Benicio Del Toro and Paul Dano -- before she called out dodgy industry practices.

"One order of business," she said.

"Some production companies are not paying overtime or meal penalties," she told the SAG-AFTRA crowd.

"So, start taking pictures of your schedule and your call sheet because actors depend on that money to survive," she advised. "So, we have to stop that practice," she said.

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Arquette also thanked special counsel Robert Mueller, who is investigating the potential links between the Trump election campaign and Russian operatives.

"Thank you Robert Mueller and everyone working to ensure we have sovereignty for the United States of America," she said.

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Host Megan Mullally also praised the importance of the actors' union in making sure that performers got paid their dues, showing the audience a very special piece of paper.

Host Megan Mullally speaks onstage during the 25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards (Getty).

Mullally told the crowd that she'd recently received a residual cheque from SAG-AFTRA for her father, who passed away in the '90s.

Mullally's father was an actor in Hollywood in the 1950s and the cheque was for his performance in the 1958 pilot episode of The Twilight Zone. 

The Will & Grace actress pointed out the importance of the actors union, which makes sure performers get paid, even after they've died.

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