I'm A Celebrity 2019: Sam Dastyari Booted From The Jungle

The former politician is the second celebrity to leave the jungle.

Before heading into the jungle Dastyari told 10 daily he was doing the show to impress his two daughters.

“I am an Australian male who has a complete inability to show affection to my children,” he said, “I’m trying to win them over through reality television.”

Since then Dastyari has competed in several trials, butted heads with former senator and mate Jacqui Lambie, cackled like a character from a Stephen King novel and shown a few different sides to himself.

We mean that quite literally after his nudie run at the waterfall.

But Dastyari’s time in the jungle wasn’t all cackles, as the 35-year-old opened up about his fall from politics, the end of his career, his marriage and feeling like he “lost everything”.

Never one to shy away from scandal, Dastyari also raised some eyebrows with his claims that many of his former co-workers at Parliament House were drunk on the job.

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Telling his campmates that there are coded terms during Question Time to describe drunkenness in the chamber (“So and so looks tired and agitated,”) Dastyari also claimed intoxication was deemed more acceptable than openly admitting your mental health is suffering.

While his time in the jungle may have been cut short early on, Dastyari made quite an impression on his campmates.

“I do not question his passion and his eagerness to help others,” Natasha Exelby said adding, “I genuinely hope he goes back into politics.”

Shane Crawford also weighed in saying, “One great thing about our country, we actually get around people after they make mistakes and I reckon we should be giving Sam another chance.”

Still, Dastyari claimed his motivation to go into the jungle was not for redemption.

“This isn’t about second chances,” he told 10 daily ahead of the series. “This isn’t about some reincarnation, this isn’t about some pathway back to politics. That, for me, is done. It’s over. This is about impressing a 7-year-old who happens to be my daughter.”

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