No More Bad Blood: Kylie Jenner Names Valentine's Day Makeup After Taylor Swift Songs

It looks like the infamous beef between the KarJenners and Taylor Swift is officially OFF the grill.

As per tradition in preparation for any significant holiday, Kylie Jenner dropped some ~sneak peeks~ of her Kylie Cosmetics' Valentine's Day Collection over the 'gram.

It was all business as usual -- that is, until she dropped this juicy lil' nugget that was named 'The Forever Set'...

Image: Instagram

Sorry, "Story Of Us" AND "Forever And Always"???

For the uninitiated, those are both Taylor Swift songs -- the VERY SAME Taylor Swift that Ky's big sis Kim Kardashian -- as well as her hubby Kanye West --infamously feuded with on-and-off since the beginning of time itself.

However, in yet another twist, just last week Kim spilled major tea on Watch What Happens Live.

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“Kim, you and Taylor Swift -- still beef with Taylor after all that went down?” asked host Andy Cohen during the show’s “Squash That Beef!” segment.

"Over it," Kim said when Andy Cohen asked. "We've all moved on."

Well then.

Feature image: Getty Images