Turns Out Ja Rule Is Not A Fan Of The Fyre Festival Docos

After Hulu and Netflix released competing documentaries about 2017's disastrous Fyre Festival last week, Fyre co-founder Ja Rule went on a Twitter spree defending the role he played in it all.

Ja Rule -- real name Jeffrey Atkins -- kicked off his tweet spree by writing: "I love how [people] watch a [documentary] and think they have all the answers..." with a hand-on-face emoji.

This prompted many people to jokingly respond that they'd actually watched two documentaries about it.

Ja went on to write that he "had an amazing vision to create a festival like NO OTHER", stressing that he would "NEVER SCAM" anyone because it didn't make "sense" for him to do so.

Asked why he hadn't appeared in either doco, Ja claimed that Hulu had paid Billy McFarland -- Ja Rule's Fyre Fetsival co-founder -- for his interview, and that Netflix had paid F**k Jerry, who were involved in the social media marketing for the festival for their own interviews.

After tweeting that he was watching the documentaries "in awe", one person tweeted Ja asking him to clarify how if the festival was Ja's "vision", why he was "tweeting as if [he] had no idea what took place in those meetings and on that island".

"Were you financially and logistically involved in the event or not?" asked Twitter user Yohance.

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Ja responded, stating that he trusted "someone with [his] vision" and they "completely" ruined it, adding: "it wasn't my money so when I asked questions I was lied to..." before tweeting that he lost "PLENTY" of money to Fyre Festival.

Basically,  it's all very confusing, but Ja has claimed that he was "hustled, scammed, bamboozled, hood winked, lead astray" and that he has "receipts" that he will share "real soon".

Until then...

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