Gaga's Fans Have Replaced 'Yaaass' With Screams About The Oscars

If there's one thing to know about Gaga's Little Monsters, it's that they are perhaps the most dedicated fanbase on the internet.

They're known for doing the absolute most to ensure Gaga's success, whether it be writing fake bad reviews for the film Venom -- which opened the same weekend as A Star is Born and was thus a threat to Gaga's film's success -- or posing as 'soccer moms' and tweeting radio stations asking them to play her latest single, and currently, they want Gaga to take home an Oscar.

For context, the Little Monsters were also the fanbase that brought "yaaass" into the mainstream, after a video of a fan yelling "YAAASS GAGA, you look so good!" went viral back in 2014.

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With the Oscars just around the corner -- nominations are being announced tomorrow -- it seems the Little Monsters have temporarily suspended yelling "YAASSS GAGA!!!" at their queen in favour of more timely messages about the Oscars.

"Get that Oscar b***h!" yelled one fan last year while Gaga was doing a ton of promotion for the film.

More recently, Gaga began playing "Shallow" at her Enigma Las Vegas residency, the hit song from A Star is Born that's already seen her nab a Golden Globe and a Critics' Choice Award.

As soon as she began the song, fans began yelling "Get that Oscar!", "Oscar-worthy!" and "give her the Oscar!" because there can be 100 Little Monsters in a room, and all of them think that Gaga deserves the recognition!

Anyway, Gaga heard the screams, and paused her performance to reply:

"It's not about the award. It's about the process of creating. If you want to follow your dreams and you want to be a star, you better do it because you want to change people's lives, not because you want to change yours."

For what it's worth, Gaga is likely to be nominated both for the song "Shallow" and for her Star is Born performance as Ally.

Feature image: Getty Images