Gretel Killeen Just Dropped The F-Bomb Live On Sunrise

Oops! Gretel Killeen has made everyone's day by accidentally swearing on live morning TV.

During a discussion about the Scoot flight emergency, Killeen recalled encountering a drunk and rowdy airline passenger on her travels.

"I've been on many flights where people are pissed as newts," Killeen explained.

"In fact, I was on a budget flight and someone stood up during takeoff [and said] 'I've gotta go and have a f***ing piss!'" she said, before realising what she'd just said on the family-friendly show.

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"Excuse me!" she said, as host David Koch raised his eyebrows in amused horror.

"Just delete, delete!" she added, before Kochie explained that there's no deleting in the world of live morning television.

"Well never mind, we're saying what actually happened!" she said.

Viewers who managed to catch the segment this morning have hailed it as a high point in the history of morning telly.

It's certainly not the first time someone's let an f-bomb accidentally slip out on live TV -- but we will never, ever tire of it.

Main Image: Network Seven.