Rihanna Even Uses Public Bathrooms Better Than You

Rihanna. You know her, and you either love her, or you're a jealous hater! Sorry! We don't make the rules.

Anyway, we're gathered here today to discuss a viral Twitter thread which confirms our suspicions that yes, Rihanna does literally everything better than us normies.

As the thread -- described by its author Zara Rahim as "a form of Twitter therapy -- revealed, the list of things that Rihanna does better than us isn't just limited to things directly related to being a glamorous superstar, but even the everyday, menial tasks of being a human in the world, like using a public bathroom!

Here's how it played out.

After arriving late to speak at event, Rih needed to pee, and the private bathroom was just too far away, so she decided to use "the closest one. The public restroom."

The far away bathroom turned out to be a huge blessing for the pack of Rihanna stans who were waiting in line to pee before Rih took the stage, all of whom were deeply shook when they realised who had just hopped in line behind them.

Zara recalled hearing "noises emitted from women's bodies" that she'd never heard before -- "something between screaming, crying, joy, and confusion".

Now, one might think "oh, well, if Rihanna needed to use the bathroom, they'd just let her cut the line and she'd be out of there in two seconds," right? Nope!

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She waited in line with the grace and etiquette of a true queen, and even exchanged chit chat with her fellow queue-mates.

"I'll never forget the woman who opened the stall door and her mouth dropped," wrote Zara. "Rihanna was standing there."

To cut the tension of coming face-to-face with her, Rihanna quipped: "I hope you didn't take a s**t girl!!!!!"

The story doesn't even finish there! After using the toilet, Rih washed her hands (queen of hygiene!), used the lotion (people do that! RIHANNA does that!), and straight up blessed Zara by rubbing her excess lotion into Zara's hands. CAN YOU IMAGINE?!

Anyway, that's all! Rihanna is better than everyone at everything, even using public bathrooms.


Feature image: Getty Images