Stop Right Now Because Victoria Beckham Is Launching A Comedic YouTube Series

Posh Spice is trying her hand at satirical comedy with a brand new web series.

If you were wondering why on earth Victoria Beckham didn't want anything to do with the Spice Girls reunion tour -- you'll be pleased to learn that she's been busy launching her own YouTube channel.

The new project -- In The Chair -- will include styling tutorials and fashion tips from the designer but will also show off her unique sense of humour, The Sun reports.

Beckham announced that the series was coming last month -- on the 10-year anniversary of her fashion label.

"It's what they want, what they really really want," she said of her fans' desire for more Posh Spice content.

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Victoria has now uploaded a video to Instagram announcing that day one of filming has begun.

"I am a selfie stick virgin!" she notes, showing off her camera crew for the series.

The Sun is reporting that the series goes beyond makeup and styling to include comedic sketches -- including one where she jokes about her wedding to David Beckham.

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The British newspaper says we'll get to hear Posh's thoughts about the Academy Awards -- including hopefuls A Star Is Born and Mary Poppins which is extremely good news for anyone who's been missing Posh's exquisite acting skills ever since Spiceworld. 

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