Chezzi's Tears Over Grant Denyer's Painful Past

Chezzi Denyer has given a raw insight into the struggle she and Grant faced after an accident in 2008 left him with a broken back and the fear that he would never walk again.

Calling into 2DayFM as Grant, Ed Kavalee and Ash London discussed the devastating vehicle accident, Chezzi became emotional as she opened up about helping Grant get off the pain medication he had become heavily reliant on after shattering his vertebrae into 11 pieces ten years ago.

“The things that he did and the things that I saw were really horrific,” she said through tears -- adding that the pair had only begun dating at the time.

“I had to receive quite extensive counselling afterwards because he honestly believed he would never walk again and we had no real outside help. When we brought him home from hospital -- I’m not a nurse, I didn’t know what I was doing," she added.

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Holding back his own tears as he listened to his wife, Grant revealed the hardship the couple faced as he tried to wean himself off the strong medication.

“The one thing that nobody ever tells you when you do an injury and the hospital never lets you go telling you, is that the medication is often worse than the actual injury itself,” Grant said.

"I’d hallucinate where I couldn’t tell the difference between dreams and reality. The moment you close your eyes you go into your worst and most horrific fears and when you wake up you don’t know the difference between that being real or not,” he continued.

“I could barely walk. I would wake up from a horrific dream and go and try and find my wife thinking there was a home invasion and thinking that she was being sexually attacked. I would crawl along the floor to try and fight off attackers that just weren’t there.”

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“We did it cold turkey,” Grant said. “And that’s an ugly process that can do a lot of damage to a relationship... You tend to say things that you do not mean because you have no control over the rollercoaster of emotions.”

“The things that I said to her mate,” he said, adding. “She could see through that and it was a very difficult period, I expected her to run for the hills.”

“I said things that I had no control over and I’m still humiliated and so mortified that I said them in those times of weaning myself off that medication,” he told her on air. “I’m forever sorry for it.”

Asked why she remained by Grant's side throughout the terrifying ordeal, Chezzi answered decisively, “I knew that I loved him.”

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