You Cannot Get Mariah Carey To Acknowledge The Passing Of Time

All week, we've been compiling a list of celebrities doing the #10YearChallenge. If you were expecting Mariah Carey to participate, then you don't know her very well!

See, in order to participate in the viral trend that's been all over social media this week, one has to acknowledge that time is:

a) real

b) passing us by at every moment

Mariah Carey, as it turns out, does not "acknowledge" time, so here is her contribution to the challenge:


Another celeb who posted about not participating in the challenge is Demi Lovato, who said on her Instagram stories that she's "too busy living in the moment" to find a photo from 2009. Honestly, same! It's so much scrolling!

Anyway, a lot of celebs have found the time, so here are some of the best throwbacks:

Tyra Banks... kind of misunderstood the assignment, but we still stan!

Director Rian Johnson's Rachel Weisz take was a real mood...

And Chelsea Handler thought she could pull one over on us! In fact, she straight up copy/pasted Elizabeth Banks' entry!

Feature image: Getty Images