Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino Wants You To Become His Prison Pen Pal

The 'Jersey Shore' star handed himself into jail today to start his eight-month sentence for tax evasion.

Sorrentino live streamed the car journey to his new home -- a federal correctional institution in Otisville, NY -- via Instagram stories.

"The comeback is always greater than the setback," he said thoughtfully, before plugging a Situation branded t-shirt from his official online store.

The reality star/influencer/entrepreneur made sure to fill his social media feeds with as much spon-con as possible before he landed in lockup -- advertising ice-cream, fitness shakes and Chick-Fil-A before he would have been forced to surrender his phone for the prison stint.

Mike The Situation Goes Live Before Jail
(Instagram via UsWeekly)

But while Sorrentino won't be able to tweet, 'gram or update his YouTube page from the correctional centre, he'll still be able to communicate with fans through the old-fashioned magic of written correspondence.

The Sitch shared his prison location for "family, friends and fans", explaining that the mailing address was for "letters only" so don't try and send him any promotional merch to plug.

Sorrentino will spend the majority of 2019 in prison -- presumably just spending a lot of time doing gym, tanning and laundry -- but he's also going to have a *lot* of time to answer all of your Jersey Shore fan letters.

It's good news for anyone who was looking for a summer project or a potential lifelong friendship with Mike!

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"The Situation will reveal itself in 2019," he added cryptically at the end of his Instagram Live. 

“It’s currently under construction, but it will be revealed. It’s under new management right now.”

"Don't forget to subscribe," he added solemnly at the end of the vid, before taking one last gaze out of the car window.

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