Mariah Carey Sues Former Assistant Over Alleged 'Embarrassing' Videos

Mariah Carey has filed a lawsuit against her former assistant for blackmail, negligence and theft.

The "With You" singer claims that her former employee Lianna Azarian -- also known as Lianna Shakhnazarian -- had secretly filmed her "personal activities" and was attempting to make Carey pay $11 million AUD for the tapes, according to TMZ.

The lawsuit notes that some of the videos are of an "intimate" nature and would have been "embarrassing" and professionally damaging to Carey if they were made public. 

Azarian was hired as an executive assistant to Carey in 2015 and the legal documents allege that she was -- at one point -- on a salary of over $400,000 a year but would regularly use her boss' credit card to go on shopping sprees.

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According to the lawsuit, Azarian had told friends she was keeping the secret tapes on hand in the event she was let go from her role with Carey. The singer noted that the blackmailing began shortly after Azarian was fired in 2017.

Reuters reports that Carey is seeking at least $4 million in damages as well as a restraining order to stop Azarian from further breaking a non-disclosure agreement she'd previously signed.

TMZ is reporting that a source close to Carey told the website that "This new year welcomes Mariah's continued efforts to clean the trash from her life."

Main Image: Getty Images.