Rihanna Reportedly Suing Her Dad For Exploiting The Fenty Name

Rihanna has reportedly filed a lawsuit against her father Ronald Fenty for invasion of privacy and false advertising.

In 2017, the singer's father created Fenty Entertainment, which is described as a "groundbreaking entertainment company, focused on cultivating new talent and developing TV and media platforms" on its website.

Rihanna had already trademarked the Fenty name for her cosmetics and lingerie lines and has now filed a lawsuit against her father for attempting to profit off her successful brand, TMZ reports.

The Work singer has previously sent her dad cease-and-desist letters after he and his business partner attempted to solicit millions of dollars using her name.

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According to the lawsuit obtained by TMZ, Mr Fenty has previously claimed to be his daughter's rep and tried to book a number of unauthorised shows for Rih in Latin America (for $20 million) plus shows in LA and Vegas for just over half a million dollars.

He also tried to file a separate 'Fenty' trademark to open a chain of boutique hotels in the US -- although the request was denied by the Patent and Trademark Office in the States.

TMZ reports that -- because the cease-and-desist letters have been unsuccessful --  Rihanna is trying to place an injunction on Ronald Fenty to stop him using her name for profit.

Neither Mr Fenty nor Rihanna has publicly commented on the lawsuit.

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