Chris Hemsworth's Bonkers Workout Is Inspired By Aussie Animals

The secret to Chris Hemsworth's fit bod has a lot to do with Australian fauna, apparently.

The Thor actor shared a video of his fitness routine which involves him channeling a range of native animals including goannas, kangaroos, koalas and platypi.

"Like a goanna!" his coach Luke Zocchi yells at Hemsworth as he scuttles on all fours across a tennis court.

"Bears, bears, bears!" he adds, before being corrected by Hemsworth.

"They're called wombats!" he retorts, without stopping the absolutely insane workout.

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Zocchi, who clearly needs a refresher course in Aussie animals, then requests the "gorilla" move from the Star Trek actor, who informs him that they're actually called kangaroos. 

"Let's go roo boy! Bounce, bounce, bounce!' barks Zocchi.

It's a very informative video for anyone who's ever wondered why they're not as ripped as Thor himself.  Hemsworth could honestly compete with Jane Fonda or Richard Simmons for the most motivational workout videos of all time.

But honestly, we're feeling exhausted just watching this feat of Australian animal strength and might leave the koala shuffles to the superhero pro.

Main Image: Instagram/@chrishemsworth