Welcome To CakeDonalds, Andy Samberg's Fake Online Cake Store

Cakestart your morning with Andy Samberg's new foray into the world of baked goods.

The website was advertised during a skit on The Tonight Show where Samberg heckled Fallon's performance of "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)" while wearing a luscious blonde wig, green turtleneck and tweed jacket.

A freeze frame caption at the end of the segment explained that Samberg's goofy character "went on to open the first ever cake only restaurant" called CakeDonalds.

Viewers have now excitedly discovered CakeDonald's has its own gorgeous, nonsensical website that we're really hoping Samberg made himself some point after hosting the Golden Globes this week.

A range of the delicious cakes available for thousands of dollars on Cakedonald's!

The CakeDonald's store -- which is only open for 15 minutes on Mondays -- has its own jingle and boasts delicious treats like Ghost Cakes.

"Just because they are ghosts doesn’t mean they don’t like celebrating their birthdays," the CakeDonald's menu explains.

"Set this cake out for them at night to say thank you for not haunting you too bad. And yes, there is a cake there, it’s not just an empty pan. You’re not a ghost, you can’t see the cake, you wouldn’t understand. Call us back when you have the palate of a ghost. GET OFF OUR GOURDS!"

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The CakeDonald's team includes Mary CakeDonald (it's an Irish name) and store managers Duncan De La Court and Millicent De La Court.

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There's also a handy FAQ page with questions like, 'When are you guys opening?'

"Probably in a few years," the site reads. "It's taken us a while to finish construction as well as the website."

So while you won't be able to eat at the completely fake restaurant any time soon, you can still take a spin 'round the CakeDonald's site and imagine just how disgusting a mac and cheese wedding cake would really be.

Main Image: The Tonight Show/NBC.