New Michael Jackson Doco About Alleged Child Sexual Abuse To Screen At Sundance

'Leaving Neverland' includes interviews with two young men who allege they were subjected to abuse by the late pop star.

The film -- named after Jackson's former ranch in California -- discusses how fans were unwilling to believe that "the King of Pop could be guilty of such unspeakable acts" when allegations of sexual abuse against him first arose in the early '90s.

Leaving Neverland follows the "separate but parallel" stories of two boys who were welcomed -- along with their families -- into the singer's life, according to the film's bio.

"Seduced by the singer’s fairy-tale existence and enthralled by their relationship with him, both boys' families were blind to the manipulation and abuse that he would ultimately subject them to," it continues.

The film's director -- Dan Reed -- has previously produced award winning documentaries including The Paedophile Hunter,  From Russia With Cash and Three Days Of Terror: The Charlie Hebdo Attacks.

Finding Neverland will screen later this month at the prestigious film festival in Utah -- a wider global release has not yet been announced.

Leaving Neverland premieres Friday, March 8 at 9pm, and Saturday March 9, at 9:30pm On 10 and WIN Network.

Main Image: Getty Images.