Golden Globes 2019: People Are Convinced Chrissy Metz Just Called Alison Brie A Bi***

In a truly relateable moment, Chrissy Metz seems to have fallen prey to a hot mic.

The This Is Us actress had just wrapped up a Golden Globes red carpet interview for the Facebook live pre-show.

"[Do you] know a girl named Alison Brie?" one hosts asks her at the end of the segment.

"Do I?" replies Metz with a chuckle, before the host mentions Brie is at the end of the red carpet.

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The camera then pans away towards the Bojack Horseman actress but the microphones remained switched on.

Fans who were watching the cross live are absolutely convinced that Metz then says of Brie: "She's such a bi***".

Now this could be just like the time Grover supposedly dropped the f-bomb on Sesame Street but we definitely can't hear it -- you can have a listen for yourself below:

Either way, Golden Globes fans are just happy for any tidbit of DRAMA.

Main Image: Getty Images.