Kendall Jenner's "Big Announcement" Has Fans Pissed

After Kris Jenner announced that Kendall Jenner would be getting "raw and vulnerable", fans were eager to know what the big announcement would be.

Raw and vulnerable? Did this mean the model would be speaking out on mental health issues? A relationship announcement? A coming-out speech??

Nope, the "big announcement" was literally that she's partnered up as a spokesperson for acne treatment giant Proactiv -- and if you feel like that was a massive letdown, DW, you're not alone.

In the campaign video teaser shared by the mumager, Kendall explained, "When I was 14, I couldn't reach as many people that I can now that I'm 22."

"Now I have this whole thing behind me, I can speak to so many people and be like: 'I can help you and it's okay.' I experience it, I'm very normal, I understand you, I can connect with you..."

Upon the announcement -- which came one year after viewers noticed the reality starlet having a tiny bit of acne while rocking the Golden Globes red carpet -- fans hit up social media to express their major disappointment over the anticlimactic reveal.

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She added in an interview with PEOPLE, “A lot of people have seen me struggling with acne mostly through paparazzi photos or the Golden Globes. I had exhausted all other options and [decided to] try Proactiv. It really worked for me. I feel great on the inside and out.”

She joins a long list of Proactiv celeb ambassadors, including Katy Perry, Jessica Simpson,Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kaley Cuoco, and many more.

Image: Getty