Iggy Azalea Explains Why She Kept Performing After Backup Dancer Collapsed

Iggy Azalea faced backlash last month for finishing a performance in Rio de Janeiro after one of her backup dancers collapsed.

The Australian rapper has now explained in a new interview with Brazilian website Rap 77 why she continued performing during her concert at the Maracanã Stadium late last month.

"I didn't see her actually fall," Iggy said in the new video.

"I turned around and she was actually on the ground so I assumed she'd fallen over, my other dancer was leaning over her so I couldn't tell that she was passed out or... unconscious," she added.

The "Fancy" rapper said she had assumed the dancer had rolled her ankle, which is when she called for medics to attend the stage.

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"But I thought the show would continue until the medic came to help her out because, I think it seems mean to some people, but that's the standard procedure, I guess, for a performance," said Iggy of her decision to keep performing her track "Black Widow" after the dramatic collapse.

"Dancers fall all the time and the show keeps on going, which is what I thought was happening," she said.

"I didn't realise that all of the bright lights and the heat had made her have a seizure until after I got off stage."

Iggy faced intense backlash on Twitter after footage from the Brazilian concert surfaced online. She quickly defended her decision to keep performing on Instagram but this is the first time the rapper has addressed the event in an interview. 

Iggy went on to explain that she checked on the unnamed dancer's wellbeing after she wrapped up the Rio concert.

"But she was... honestly she's fine!" she said, adding that the dancer was "more professional" that she was. 

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"She said, 'Honestly I heard the music to "Fancy" playing and I started asking people, 'What's going on, why aren't we out there?'" Iggy recounted.

"She couldn't remember the entire performance," she added.

All we can say is, we're glad the dancer seems to be recovering after the scary incident.

Main Image: Twitter.